The Look – Sweden FP

After working for The Look team from Switzerland in Cape Town in March this year, it was really great to hook up with them again in Sweden in July.


I got to shoot with the  talented Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz, and some great models from Sweden and Switzerland.


The weather was amazing and the long days made for wonderful shooting.

Hope to see them all back in Cape Town soon.


This video was shot in Skansen, an area of Stockholm with historic old buildings, lovely old trees and beautiful meadows, Enjoy!






FP Casual  1a













The Look – Switzerland

Mercury Productions recently got the chance to work in Cape Town with an amazing team who produce The Look, an online fashion magazine based in Switzerland.

Gavin Schneider Productions produced the shoot over 4 days in and around Cape town

The images were shot by Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz – check out his work on his website .

We shot 8 videos of the fashion collection which are all available on The Look website.

Mercury Productions will be shooting with the team again in Sweden in July – can’t wait!




Mercury Productions - The Look 1


Mercury Productions - The Look 2


Mercury Productions - The Look 3


Mercury Productions - The Look 4


Mercury Productions - The Look 5


Mercury Productions - The Look 6


Mercury Productions - The Look 7


Mercury Productions - The Look 8


Mercury Productions - The Look 9


Mercury Productions - The Look 10


Mercury Productions - The Look 11


Mercury Productions - The Look 12


Mercury Productions - The Look 13




Gina! Germany


Nicky Felbert was commissioned by North South Productions to film the feature video for

the popular German brand Ernstings Family.


The video showcases the young, vibrant brand G!na , being shot in and around the streets of Cape Town.


Nicky edited the final video on Edius 6 and After Effects CS5.5




Gina 3


Gina 4

Gina 5


Gina 6


Gina 7



‘Shit South Africans Say’

Shit South Africans say photo 1

Going Viral!


‘Shit South Africans Say’ is a witty interpretation of a genre of videos making the rounds on the net. ‘Shit girls say – Episode 1’ being the most popular. It was a strategic move to get our company, Mercury Productions noticed by a wider audience.


Shit South Africans say photo 2

We all had a good laugh on set and are still throwing out some of the lines with an extra thick accent! With over 100 000 views in 3 days, (and still growing), it has already exceeded our expectations!


Written & Directed: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus

Director of Photography: Adrian Lazarus

Actors: Tessa Jubber & Guy McDonald

Extras: Milos Krstic, Catherine Loots, Kirsten Felbert

Edit: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus & Adrian Lazarus

Special thanks to Café Neo for letting us film during trading hours!


Shit South Africans say photo 3

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity



Habitat for Humanity photo 1





We are very proud of our Habitat for Humanity PSA.

Director Nicky Felbert-Lazarus is passionate about service projects, and this is one very close to her heart.



Habitat for Humanity photo 2



A decent home for all is one of the most basic needs in Africa, and this advert is a pertinent reflection of how people get uplifted through projects like these. Her husband and DOP Adrian Lazarus worked expertly within the parameters of the filming locations, and helped produce a beautifully relevant piece.




Habitat for Humanity photo 3


If you haven’t seen it on or DSTV yet, please show support and have a look at THE VIDEO HERE, or have a look at their website at


Hansa Pilsner – Online

Hansa photo 1

Adrian Lazarus filmed these clips on green screen with a Sony F3 camera and 25-250mm Angenieux lens.

We had three super-sexy girls to work with, giving the campaign a playful quality. Have a go at playing the interactive beer pouring game!


Hansa photo 2

This is the first of a string of on-line advertising campaigns for Hansa, with the advertising agency Lowe Bull.

Director: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus

Director of Photography: Adrian Lazarus

Hair and Make-up: Nathaline Renaud

Edit and compositing: Adrian Lazarus

Website and Encoding: GSDH

Produced by: Mercury Productions

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull


Hansa photo 3


This was a fun project to work on!


We love working with early morning and evening light, and DOP Adrian Lazarus captured such beautiful images, it was difficult to choose the final shots


From concept to completion, director Nicky Felbert-Lazarus brought everything together to form the fun, happy piece we wanted for Havaianas.







–       Thank you to Take 2 for giving us a huge discount on all camera equipment and lenses!

–       Thank you to Gavin Schneider Productions for helping us with the film locations

–       Thank you to all our gorgeous models!

–       Thank you to our assistants Milos Krstic, and Stephan Hambsch

–       And thank you to Sjaniel Turrel for fantastic make up!


Our most recent Oriflame project was ‘Full Moon’. We had a small budget, but a great crew as always! It was wonderful that we had a local model, Lauren Marshall as our lead actress.


Directed by Nicky Felbert-Lazarus

DOP, Adrian Lazarus

Friends Life

Friends Life photo 1

This is one of a series of commercials we edited for Friends Life from the UK.
They were shot by Karan Kapoor on a Canon 5D MK 2, and edited in After Effects CS5.


Friends Life photo 2

All locations in Cape Town.


Friends Life photo 3


David Meyer – Flirty Culture – Paris


Adrian Lazarus shot and edited this video in Paris.


The shoot was for the David Meyer Naman collection from Italy, and took 3 days on location.


The video was shot in HDV on a Canon XHA1, and was edited in Edius.


David Meyer photo 2




David Meyer photo 3