Into Me is a short Fashion Film I shot in New York with the talented actress and writer, Carly Chaikin.
While in Los Angeles I was approached by Founder and Creative Director for Content Mode, Deborah Ferguson, to shoot the story that Carly had written.
Carly is currently starring in the hit series Mr Robot and was in New York on a break at the time.
The words were really beautiful and haunting, and I easily imagined this story playing out on the streets on NYC.
The amazing fashion was styled by Deborah, and along with a terrific creative team of Mark Edio (Make-Up),  Jerome Cultrera (Hair) and Julia Bekker (Assistant Producer), we hit the streets one warm summer’s evening.
The shoot revolved around our trip uptown to the Music Building near Times Square where we were greeted by the warm smile and crazy stories of Gerry the building manager. The Music Building is 10 floors of studios that have hosted almost every great band to visit NYC since the 80’s.
The graffitied walls, classic elevators and rooftop all helped create the sense of darkness and forbidding of a NYC of decades gone by.
Carly edited the film herself, and Into Me was subsequently nominated for 6 Awards at the 2016 La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival.
Thanks to Deborah Ferguson and Content Mode for the amazing experience!


All the Kings’ Horses is a Music Video I directed and Produced for Carly J Myers, a rising star on the music scene.
Carly had written and recorded her new single in Los Angeles and was wanting to launch the song with her first ever Music Video.
We met in Cape Town and let me start by saying that its not hard to like this young lady. Her energy and smile are infectious and needless to say, my creative team and I all fell in love with her .
I left the styling in the capable hands of International Award winning stylist, Tegolin Markham who has worked alongside me for many years. The looks we chose took Carly right out of her comfort zone and along with Make Up artist Safiyah Khan we transformed Carly into another person.
She was taken aback at first but after looking at the first rushes, she completely trusted us with the project.
The shoot took place in and around Cape Town over two days as we took in the most beautiful locations, ending up shooting the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe at Theewaterskloof Dam behind Franschoek.
The video has been really well received with Carly almost winning an International Music Video Competition for the film.


Adrian Lazarus and the team at Mercury Productions collaborated with Hendrik Vermeulen to realise the fashion film Hickville 1978.


The idea was to show how sometimes no matter how one is dressed, the individual’s true self will always bubble to the surface.


Its against this premise that Adrian created a shabby, retro interior hairdressing shop with stylist Tegolin Markham. The cast included Mike the singing barber, who spends his days crooning the old favourites to his customers while clipping and cutting hairstyles.
We decided to record Mike singing and to use that as the backing track for the film. Its slightly melancholy, slightly off key on occasion – but its authentic and rings true to the feel of the film.


The models we shot were all sporting their own original tattoos, and spent the first part of the shoot hamming it up like real “chavs” in the salon.


The next scene sees them at the retro laundrette where they proceed to disrobe, and along with all their worldly possessions and clothing, they then enter into the washing machines.
Larry the slightly squint guitarist with a spot of tourettes,  proceeds to serenade the ladies while they wash themselves clean of a dodgy past, to then emerge from the washing machines fully clothed in beautiful Hendrik Vermeulen couture.


Within no time the ladies are at the annual Hickville Fair and are all taking part in the Miss Telegram 1978 Postal Workers Pageant!


It only takes a short while to see that they have not lost their old ways.


Thanks to the Cast:                   Zigi Strydom
                                                   Little Harlequin
                                                   Candice Bettison
                                                   Meghan Mc Carthy
                                                   Larry Leyden
                                                   Maria Vasco
                                                   Andre van Zijl
                                                   Lucille (Snake)
                                                   Mike Verits (Singing Barber)


And Crew: Director                                Adrian Lazarus
                     1st Camera Assistant        Stefan Hambsch
                     Digital Assistant                Christo Oberholster
                     2nd Camera Assistant      Jules Booysen
                     Sound Recording              KAM Studios
                     StylingCostumes             Tegolin Markham
                     Styling Assistant               Sihle Khumalo
                     Key Hairstylist                  Mary Gouveia
                     Hair                                     Chantel Jacobsen
                     BHT Images                      Karen Haacke
                     Key Make up                     Michelle Lee Collins (MAC)
                     Make up                             Clanelle Burger (MAC)


Great fun to make this film.



Miss Hickville





We are very proud to announce that our Fashion Film, STEAM 1886, was chosen to be shown in the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in July 2013.


It was chosen from 11 000 entrants from 110 countries to be played at the festival.



The movie was also nominated in 7 categories for awards at the International Fashion Film Awards held at the event . The categories were Best Picture, Visual Effects, Cinematography, Art Direction, Fashion, Hair, Make Up.



Nicky and I ended up walking away with BEST ART DIRECTION!


It was a very proud moment for us as well as for video production in Cape Town. it was amazing to be able to stand on the world stage and show them what we can do in Cape Town and South Africa.



Here is a great video clip of the festival  :


If you have still not seen the movie check it out here :


front pg image steam

Steam 1886 Award Winning Video








Check out the VIDEO here

WETSAND from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.



We shot and produced this video on Clifton 4th Beach which lies about ten minutes from the Cape Town City center.


I was approached a few weeks ago by the models  to shoot some body work of them as a couple as I had done fashion work with them previously. We were on the beach before sunrise and started shooting as the sun crested the side of Lions Head Mountain.


They were really fun and professional to work with, both of them braving water of 10 degrees to get the shots. But then again all video production in Cape Town is so much fun!


I shot on my Canon 7D mostly with a 50mm 1.2 lens. I edited the movie with Edius 6 and then finished it in After Effects CS6. I really loved the Video Co-Pilot Optical Flares plugin!


We shot in color and decided that the black and white treatment was the way to go in the end. That said, I took stills which we may leave in color for Derek and Charissa’s portfolio’s.


I directed the shoot with the help of my wife Nicky Felbert.


I produced the shoot with some help from my friend Gavin Schneider, and a great team – Stephan Hambsch was 1st Assistant and Walter Chitate was my 2nd Assistant. Both were a great help in getting it all done in 4 hours on the beach.


Wonderful styling was by Tegolin Markham and the Makeup/Hair by Lauren Donay Telo.


The music is called Broken Spell by Moore & Sons and is available from – please check them out.
















This was great video production we shot on the Atlantis Dunes just outside Cape Town.


The campaign was produced by Gavin Schneider and his fantastic team.


We shot the film on the Canon 7D and edited on Edius 6. The final output and effects grading was done on After Effects CS6.


Great to see hair and make up artist Carl Isaacs back on set. Model , Emma Jane Menteath from Outlaws agency, was a pleasure to shoot!


Check out the video on VIMEO here


1 Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-01-27)




2 a Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-11-49)


2 b Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-28-02)


3 Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-39-29)


4 Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-14-42)


5 Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-00-31-44)


6 Dune Final Approved 1280 x 720 H264 (0-01-07-09)


DUNE Summer Campaign 2013 from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.












This is fun video production I shot with my wife Nicky Felbert in Cape Town.

We were asked to do a live shoot at film industry event. As exciting as that sounded we realized that there were challenges that comes with shooting in front of hundreds of your peers.


We shot the video on a Canon 7D at 50 frames, using both a set of Zeis Prime Lenses and my trusty old Super Takumar 55mm 1.8 lens.


Our team consisted of Sebastian Voigt (lighting), Walter Chitate (Assistant), Shahnaz Cola-Wrensc and Alet Viljoen doing Hair and Make Up, and Gizelle Baumgart who handled our styling.


Adrian Nakic of the Sunshine Company supplied the amazing Profoto 800 HMI lights as well as the new Swedish Chameleon camera stabilization rig. Find them at
The lights are so easy to work with as they remain cool and fit all the regular Profoto flash light shaping heads, while drawing minimal electricity.
The camera rig made light work of the camera set up and was a pleasure to use.


I edited the project using Premier Pro and After Effects.


The amazing music was kindly supplied by Jerome Arthur – find the rest of his work on line at iTunes as well as


The old Buick was supplied by Gary at Motostars in Cape Town –


The event was hosted by Jan Verboom of Roodebloem Studios in Cape Town –


What you can’t see from the video is that we were shooting at night and the wind was howling – probably the worst wind in Cape Town for years. Roofs blowing off, trees uprooted and broken in the night. And we were shooting under a tent covering outside. What a fun shoot!


Watch video HERE

Mexique from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.



























Nicky and I filmed and shot this video production in Cape Town just before the commercial season starts up again here.

It all came about after weeks of mulling over an idea to shoot a Steam Punk fashion video right before the summer production season hots up in Cape Town. I had the idea, but no location to shoot it in.
I then walked into David Donde’s new Truth Coffee shop in Cape Town, and knew that it was the perfect location for the video.

David is really into Steam Punk and already had most of the costumes available – these were made by the Little Hattery.- find them at
I quickly assembled my team together who helped pull this video together in a week.

I asked Jack Gallagher to start creating the opening sequence in 3D Animation – he jumped at the opportunity and put together the modelling and animation – he can be contacted at

Lyal Seba is the most fabulous prop stylist and hunted down the most amazing gadgets and props available. She can be found at

The rest of the wardrobe and styling I left in the capable hands of Tegolin Markham – she was an amazing help on the project.

Sebastian Voigt was responsible for the lighting of each set and did a superb job, given that we completed the whole shoot in 8 hours!

For the hair and make up, I relied on a wonderful team – Nathaline Renaud, Antoinette Pugh and Irene Tamashenka – they did a super job.

I need to thank both Darja at Dmangement and Donne at Ice Genetics for help in casting such wonderful talent. Both modelling agencies are in Cape Town and have the greatest selection of talent available. Please check them out at and

I contacted the website who kindly gave me the license to use Moby’s music – thanks so much guys! Love your music!

The piece is a fantasy video showcasing the fashion, the hats, the gadgets and the lifestyle that could have been the future of 19th Century steam culture, set in the future.
The decadent nature of this steam era video, is portrayed with strong gun-slinging women, and rough grizzly men.
The music from Moby suits the piece perfectly.

I shot the video on a Canon 7D and edited it in After Effects and Edius 6.

Jack did the 3D and Animation with 3D Studio Max by Autodesk.

In all we spent under $1000 dollars to realize the project.

Thanks to all who helped make this video a reality!




























1886 Steam Punk from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.


This was such an amazing video production to be a part of.

We arrived at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town to be greeted by smiling, beautiful, young faces.

Some of the kids were going through treatment, others were outpatients.


We had a really professional crew and loads of support staff helping out.


The video was shot on an Arri Alexa in Prores 444 – c Log, and then edited in Edius and Final Cut.


The video was shown in Cape Town at the Reach for a Dream Gala event and was a huge success.



Reach for a Dream – Stronger – Kelly Clarkson – Red Cross Childrens Hospital – Cape Town from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.
























The Look Sweden – Business Studio



A video recently shot in studio in Stockholm for The Look Magazine from Switzerland.


Great styling on the day by Rose, and lovely to work again with photographer Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz and my clients Simone Schäfer and Nicolaus Zott from Austria!


Once again all shot on the Canon 7D and edited in Edius and After Effects





Shots for Business Sweden 1


Shots for Business Sweden 9


Shots for Business Sweden 2


Shots for Business Sweden 3


Shots for Business Sweden 4


Shots for Business Sweden 5


Shots for Business Sweden 8


Shots for Business Sweden 6


Shots for Business Sweden 7