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WETSAND from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.



We shot and produced this video on Clifton 4th Beach which lies about ten minutes from the Cape Town City center.


I was approached a few weeks ago by the modelsĀ  to shoot some body work of them as a couple as I had done fashion work with them previously. We were on the beach before sunrise and started shooting as the sun crested the side of Lions Head Mountain.


They were really fun and professional to work with, both of them braving water of 10 degrees to get the shots. But then again all video production in Cape Town is so much fun!


I shot on my Canon 7D mostly with a 50mm 1.2 lens. I edited the movie with Edius 6 and then finished it in After Effects CS6. I really loved the Video Co-Pilot Optical Flares plugin!


We shot in color and decided that the black and white treatment was the way to go in the end. That said, I took stills which we may leave in color for Derek and Charissa’s portfolio’s.


I directed the shoot with the help of my wife Nicky Felbert.


I produced the shoot with some help from my friend Gavin Schneider, and a great team – Stephan Hambsch was 1st Assistant and Walter Chitate was my 2nd Assistant. Both were a great help in getting it all done in 4 hours on the beach.


Wonderful styling was by Tegolin Markham and the Makeup/Hair by Lauren Donay Telo.


The music is called Broken Spell by Moore & Sons and is available from www.freemusicarchive.org – please check them out.















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