Nicky and I filmed and shot this video production in Cape Town just before the commercial season starts up again here.

It all came about after weeks of mulling over an idea to shoot a Steam Punk fashion video right before the summer production season hots up in Cape Town. I had the idea, but no location to shoot it in.
I then walked into David Donde’s new Truth Coffee shop in Cape Town, and knew that it was the perfect location for the video.

David is really into Steam Punk and already had most of the costumes available – these were made by the Little Hattery.- find them at
I quickly assembled my team together who helped pull this video together in a week.

I asked Jack Gallagher to start creating the opening sequence in 3D Animation – he jumped at the opportunity and put together the modelling and animation – he can be contacted at

Lyal Seba is the most fabulous prop stylist and hunted down the most amazing gadgets and props available. She can be found at

The rest of the wardrobe and styling I left in the capable hands of Tegolin Markham – she was an amazing help on the project.

Sebastian Voigt was responsible for the lighting of each set and did a superb job, given that we completed the whole shoot in 8 hours!

For the hair and make up, I relied on a wonderful team – Nathaline Renaud, Antoinette Pugh and Irene Tamashenka – they did a super job.

I need to thank both Darja at Dmangement and Donne at Ice Genetics for help in casting such wonderful talent. Both modelling agencies are in Cape Town and have the greatest selection of talent available. Please check them out at and

I contacted the website who kindly gave me the license to use Moby’s music – thanks so much guys! Love your music!

The piece is a fantasy video showcasing the fashion, the hats, the gadgets and the lifestyle that could have been the future of 19th Century steam culture, set in the future.
The decadent nature of this steam era video, is portrayed with strong gun-slinging women, and rough grizzly men.
The music from Moby suits the piece perfectly.

I shot the video on a Canon 7D and edited it in After Effects and Edius 6.

Jack did the 3D and Animation with 3D Studio Max by Autodesk.

In all we spent under $1000 dollars to realize the project.

Thanks to all who helped make this video a reality!




























1886 Steam Punk from Adrian Lazarus on Vimeo.

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