‘Shit South Africans Say’

Shit South Africans say photo 1

Going Viral!


‘Shit South Africans Say’ is a witty interpretation of a genre of videos making the rounds on the net. ‘Shit girls say – Episode 1’ being the most popular. It was a strategic move to get our company, Mercury Productions noticed by a wider audience.


Shit South Africans say photo 2

We all had a good laugh on set and are still throwing out some of the lines with an extra thick accent! With over 100 000 views in 3 days, (and still growing), it has already exceeded our expectations!




Written & Directed: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus

Director of Photography: Adrian Lazarus

Actors: Tessa Jubber & Guy McDonald

Extras: Milos Krstic, Catherine Loots, Kirsten Felbert

Edit: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus & Adrian Lazarus

Special thanks to Café Neo for letting us film during trading hours!


Shit South Africans say photo 3

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