Adrian Lazarus and the team at Mercury Productions collaborated with Hendrik Vermeulen to realise the fashion film Hickville 1978.


The idea was to show how sometimes no matter how one is dressed, the individual’s true self will always bubble to the surface.


Its against this premise that Adrian created a shabby, retro interior hairdressing shop with stylist Tegolin Markham. The cast included Mike the singing barber, who spends his days crooning the old favourites to his customers while clipping and cutting hairstyles.
We decided to record Mike singing and to use that as the backing track for the film. Its slightly melancholy, slightly off key on occasion – but its authentic and rings true to the feel of the film.


The models we shot were all sporting their own original tattoos, and spent the first part of the shoot hamming it up like real “chavs” in the salon.


The next scene sees them at the retro laundrette where they proceed to disrobe, and along with all their worldly possessions and clothing, they then enter into the washing machines.
Larry the slightly squint guitarist with a spot of tourettes,  proceeds to serenade the ladies while they wash themselves clean of a dodgy past, to then emerge from the washing machines fully clothed in beautiful Hendrik Vermeulen couture.


Within no time the ladies are at the annual Hickville Fair and are all taking part in the Miss Telegram 1978 Postal Workers Pageant!


It only takes a short while to see that they have not lost their old ways.


Thanks to the Cast:                   Zigi Strydom
                                                   Little Harlequin
                                                   Candice Bettison
                                                   Meghan Mc Carthy
                                                   Larry Leyden
                                                   Maria Vasco
                                                   Andre van Zijl
                                                   Lucille (Snake)
                                                   Mike Verits (Singing Barber)


And Crew: Director                                Adrian Lazarus
                     1st Camera Assistant        Stefan Hambsch
                     Digital Assistant                Christo Oberholster
                     2nd Camera Assistant      Jules Booysen
                     Sound Recording              KAM Studios
                     StylingCostumes             Tegolin Markham
                     Styling Assistant               Sihle Khumalo
                     Key Hairstylist                  Mary Gouveia
                     Hair                                     Chantel Jacobsen
                     BHT Images                      Karen Haacke
                     Key Make up                     Michelle Lee Collins (MAC)
                     Make up                             Clanelle Burger (MAC)


Great fun to make this film.



Miss Hickville

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