Hansa Pilsner – Online

Hansa photo 1

Adrian Lazarus filmed these clips on green screen with a Sony F3 camera and 25-250mm Angenieux lens.

We had three super-sexy girls to work with, giving the campaign a playful quality. Have a go at playing the interactive beer pouring game! http://www.hansapourfection.co.za/


Hansa photo 2

This is the first of a string of on-line advertising campaigns for Hansa, with the advertising agency Lowe Bull.

Director: Nicky Felbert-Lazarus

Director of Photography: Adrian Lazarus

Hair and Make-up: Nathaline Renaud

Edit and compositing: Adrian Lazarus

Website and Encoding: GSDH

Produced by: Mercury Productions

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull


Hansa photo 3

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